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If you’re trying to increase your swing speed, you need to have the right golf ball. The B XS is a great choice for a golf ball with oodles of feel and control. Its distance is on par with other premium golf balls, and it gives you a great feel and spin on wedge shots and short irons. This ball also features a new SlipRes grip, which means it will stay glued to the club face longer. The B XS is also great for providing up to six feet of backswing when hitting greens.

Vice Pro Plus

Vice golf balls offer great distance and forgiveness in high-swinging speed situations. Their dual casing design combines lower spin and more distance than traditional golf balls. However, not all players need higher ball flight. Low spin balls are better for approach shots because they allow golfers to set the ball up toward the hole and swing on line.

These balls also have a “Keep in Line” feature. These balls come pre-stamped with an extra-long line to help players achieve proper alignment. They also provide better putt distance. The company offers two versions of these balls, which allow golfers of different skill levels to choose the perfect one for their needs.

Titleist Pro V1x

If you have a high swing speed, you might be looking for a golf ball that will help you maintain your swing speed. The Titleist Pro V1x is one such golf ball. This ball has a lower compression core, which is offset by a high-flex casing layer. This means the ball should have the same compression as its predecessor, but it might feel softer to you.

The Pro V1X is one of several options from the brand Titleist. It is a higher-compression golf ball, but it is not as soft as its predecessor, the Pro V1. It is a great ball for players who have high swing speeds and want to make them more compressible. The Pro V1X is great for high-speed players who want to improve their distance. However, slower swing speed players might find that the ball spins a little less than is necessary, and it might stop more quickly.

Callaway Chrome Soft X

The Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball has a dual-layer core for increased spin and speed, while the soft inner core provides soft feel and soft greenside spin. While the ball isn’t cheap, many golfers who swing at a moderate to high speed would probably benefit from it. The dual-layer core helps players with extra speed and makes a difference in total distance, so the ball is also a good choice for those looking for extra greenside spin.

The Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball features Callaway’s Triple Track Technology and REACTIV iQ smart cover technology. This makes it easy to track the ball in flight and provides improved visibility off the clubface. This helps improve your focus while swinging, making it easier to hit the ball.

Taylormade Z-Star XV

The Taylormade Z-Star XV golf balls have a unique combination of features that appeal to players with fast swing speeds. The ball’s extra-resilient core gives it great distance and spin and a softer cover provides extra spin on iron shots and pitches.

A high-speed golfer should look for a ball with a high compression rating, or compression. A high-compression ball will have the best distance and control off the tee, while low compression golf balls will provide little to no distance. Golf balls with high compression also tend to provide the best feel. However, high-speed golfers can also benefit from a mid-compression ball. Choosing a low-compression ball can lead to inconsistent ball flights and lost distance.

When it comes to hitting the ball at high speeds, the Taylormade Z-Star XV golf balls have the highest compression rating of any golf ball currently available. This type of ball is ideal for golfers with swing speeds of over 90 mph. It has a flatter bottom dimple that creates more lift and carries the ball further. The ball also comes with an aim-enhancing “Stripe” version.

Volvik S4

The Volvik S4 golf ball is designed to give you the power to hit the ball farther. The dual power core and Bismuth metal construction help improve distance. In addition, the ball features a special urethane cover that reduces friction and maximizes the amount of force transferred through the ball.

Volvik produces white and fluorescent golf balls, but their S4 is designed specifically for golfers with high swing speeds. The Volvik S4 golf ball is slightly heavier than the average golf ball, so the heavier feel allows stronger players to make the most of their strength and swing speed.

This ball is made for golfers with a clubhead speed between 90 and 100 MPH, so it’s designed to help you create a high swing speed. Its soft urethane cover improves spin control. It also features a unique matte finish.